‘Crescent CRM’
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Client Relation Management
Foundation of a successful business lay in its successful client relationship management. Managing clients is one of the most important responsibilities and client relationship and satisfaction is a critical dimension of every business initiative.

Client's satisfaction with the performance of the company depends on how well their professional and personal needs are addressed by the company. Our state of the art, tailor made Crescent CRM provides solutions that cater to address the specific needs of the client and help you manage your client better. We take up the function of customer management for your organization and ensure that your client receives the best customer service.

By managing your valuable clients we help you create and sustain long-term, profitable client relationships. Crescent CRM acts as a resource that helps you increase your client base by constantly bringing about positive orientation in the client relations propaganda. Managing customers from around the world becomes a subtle task when Crescent your partner is at work.

Special Features
  • Easily Customizable for any industry
  • Resolutions Center and Trouble Ticketing Systems
  • Multiple Communication Channels
  • Automated Reminders for Important Events
  • Pull Strategy based Information Transfer
  • Unlimited User Levels
  • Comprehensive Graphical and Textual Reports
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Per Screen Help Facility
  • Customizable Newsletters and Campaigns
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‘Grapevine SFA’
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Sales Force Automation
Grapevine an entirely unique Sales force automation (SFA) solution provided by Cedar Solutions works in line with the structure and sales force management of the company. Our flagship Grapevine Sales force automation (SFA) solution consistently drives more sales success than any other application.

Our Grapevine has higher user adoption, a complete suite of tools, and powerful customization to support any sales process and this make it one of the most sought after systems. Grapevine SFA also helps your company manage activities like sales, including order processing, information sharing, inventory monitoring and control, customer management, sales forecast analysis and employee performance evaluation etc.

Offering a magnificently fast and accurate form of Sales Force Automation services, Grapevine channelizes your activities in the right direction for better results.

Special Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Unlimited Users
  • Exhaustive Graphical and Textual Reports
  • Auto-Alerts and Reminders
  • To-Do, Appointment Calendars, Schedulers
  • Customizable Access Levels
  • Advanced Data Search
  • File Uploads for Bulk Data
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Per Screen Help Facility
  • Track all aspects of Sales
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‘Novo ERP’
Offshore Software Development Company in Kochi
Enterprise Resource Planning
Novo ERP by Cedar is one of the premium Enterprise Resource Planning applications that supports essential functions and activities of your business processes and operations efficiently and is tailored to specific needs of the industry. Some of the major functionalities carried out by Novo include product planning, raw material purchasing, inventories and stocks, interacting with suppliers, providing customer service etc

Cedar Solutions is one of the leading companies that provide web-based ERP services under the brand name Novo ERP to its clients in a varied spectrum of applications. The company is committed to render high quality ERP software solutions that works towards a well-planned and analyzed system that particularly addresses the requirements of the client. The system we provide are operationally flexible optimized and at the same time provides simplified solutions. Novo Enterprise resource planning system helps in foreseeing the future challenges and launching strategic campaigns to overcome those challenges. Breaking the barriers of a conventional system and improving upon the various functionalities, we provide web-based enterprise resource planning software that can be accessed from anywhere around the world.

Our clients who have their operations in various parts of the world have adopted our Web- based Novo ERP systems because of its operational efficiency, cost effectiveness and flexibility. Our ERP outlines all the facts of our clients business and makes their planning and strategy building simpler and easier.

Special Features
  • Helps plan layout and structural design of a project
  • Budget control for each process in the project
  • Bid Analysis and Tender Management
  • Project Scheduling
  • Remote Project Monitoring
  • Total system control and data security
‘Arcade CMS’
Content Management System
Arcade is an exclusive content management system offered by Cedar Solutions for the better utilization and storage of the confidential contents of our clients. Content management system is an essential component that enables easy management of data.

At Cedar Solutions, we provide a complete solution for website management through Arcade, the competent CMS software. Arcade is fast, flexible and highly capable of providing customized solutions to the customer. Our Arcade CMS software that is designed to address your specific content management issues, ensures that your website is completed and working within a few hours and works towards improving your brand value and potential brand image.

Special Features
  • Easy-to-use and Comprehensive Admin Console
  • Various Pluggable Optional modules
  • Photo Gallery
  • Fully Customizable menu
  • Unlimited website sections
  • Template based Interface
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Rich Text Editor
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