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Main Features
Editors look into the requirements, sections, process of review etc.
Submissions made online and content managed.
Reading tools for the content based on the domain and editor's choice.
Readers can sign up for notifications and post comments.
Multiple journals can be managed simultaneously.
Editorial Process
The submission process followed in this E Journal System comprises of five steps, which is reviewed by a single or more editors. This process includes the following steps:
   The editorial process begins from this step where the submission is assigned to an editor
   Next, the peer review would be conducted and an editorial decision would be taken.
   Then, the submission is edited, proofread and the layout is designed.
   After that the submission is assigned to a particular issue or volume.
   The final step in the process is to order the publication and publish the issue.
Submitting an Article
It is essential that the author understand the guidelines regarding the submission of the article. The author would first have to select the appropriate section on order to make a submission and they would be given information regarding the privacy statement, interest statement, copyright notice and the authorís fee if it is applicable. In case, you require help from the journals technical support team then you can refer to the contact details that have ben listed at the top of the page.
Authors and Submission Review
In order to tack the progress of the submission that you have made for which you would have to log onto the journalís website and select your role as Ďauthorí. Then you need to click on the title page in order to the submissionís record page.
Role of Editor
It is the responsibility of the Editor to oversee the editorial and publishing process. The Editor who works along with the Journal Manager sets in place policies and procedures that are followed by the Journal, which is used in configuring it in the Journal Setup.
Role of Section Editor
The submissions assigned to the section editor, which will appear in the section editorís submission and in editing queue. The Editor would request the Section to take up submissions by intimating them via e-mail.
Role of Reviewer
The Reviewer would be invited by e-mail to review a particular submission that includes the title, abstract, along with the URL along with the username and the password for the Reviewer in order for them to enter the journal. The journal also has an option where the reviewer where the submission would be sent across to the Reviewer as an e-mail attachment, along with an invitation to review it.
Editorial Roles

    Journal Manager
    Editor - Submission Editing
    Section Editor
    Copy Editor
    Layout Editor
    Proof Reader
Copy Editing
Copy editing comprises of checking each submission for grammatical or any stylistic errors. There are two copy editing processes that are extended by the Journal. The Journal Manager can either have the Editor act as a Copy Editor or the Section Editor can appoint a separate Copy Editor.
Layout Editing
Layout Editing comprises of taking the final submission from the system and use external software like Dreamweaver and Adobe to create PDF or HTML files, which are referred to as galleries that are published on the website. This is an integral step as it involves the final step to publish the article for the readers to view it.
Now that the galleys have been created and uploaded into system, the next step is to proofread those files, to ensure that no errors exist before publication.The journal has two options for the proofreading process. The Journal Manager can choose to have the Editor or Section Editor act as the Proofreader or allow the Editor or Section Editor to select a separate Proofreader.
Registered Readers of the website will receive a notification from the website when a new issue is published, which would include a table of contents of the journal.  
System Integrated E Journals
Hamdan Medical Journal
In 2008 the Sheikh Hamdan Award for Medical Sciences (SHAMS) launched a journal called the Journal of Medical Sciences. This journal was the brainchild of Professor Najib Al Khaja, the Secretary General Awards, and a cardiothoracic surgeon by profession. In 2011 the decision was taken to re-launch the journal, on its own website and with a revitalized editorial board. The result was the Hamdan Medical Journal, which launched in 2012 with the March issue. The HMJ is a continuation of the JMS, and all issues of both journals can be found on this website.
American Scientific Publishers
The Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal published by American Scientific Publishers. It was established in 2001. The founding editor-in-chief is Hari Singh Nalwa (President/CEO of American Scientific Publishers).The journal concentrates on fundamental and applied research in the sciences, engineering, and medicine, explicitly including all the disciplines in these areas. Research related to sciences and technologies at the nanoscale embodying materials synthesis,materials processing, and nanofabrication, is published in this journal. Topical coverage includes nanoprobes, spectroscopy, materials properties, biological systems, nanostructures,theory (and computation), nanoelectronics, nano-optics, nano-mechanics, nanodevices, nanobiotechnology, nanomedicine, and nanotoxicology.
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