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6 design blunders a web development company should avoid

March 27, 2014|Posted in: Web Design, Web development

We have seen many websites which are well designed but end up with minimum results. Its’ a complicated process web development is and even silly mistakes lead to serious issues.  The website design and usability are crucial elements of success for your business and make sure you maintain an error free website with the help of a experienced web design company.

Let’s have a quick look at most common blunders that a web design company usually make

Web design with poor navigation

Better navigation helps people can go around your website and come across all the wonderful content you share about the products and services you offer. But If you web design is done with a poor navigation criteria your visitors will get frustrated and end up with leaving your website without spending much time and not even noticing most of your content. So make sure your website design do have a better, simple and effective navigation criteria.

A clutter in home page design

Yes, Your company offers lot of products and services and you want to tell that to people, but why use your home page for that? This is a common mistake done by lots over people over there by making a clutter design of home page by adding huge amount of content, images etc in the home page and thus ruining a better user impression. Always make sure your home page is attractive and impress the visitor. And at the same time ensure easy navigation to all your inner pages loaded with detailed information about the products and services you offer.  In our web development company website we always tried doing that by making the home page design attractive and provide easy navigation to inner pages

 Absence of Search Box in the design of website

The web is like a huge store of information.  No matter yours is a business website or just a blog, having a search box is always appreciated and the user expect that to be there.  Even with a better navigation model first time visitors will find it difficult to access the information that they are searching in your site. If you offer them an effective search box it helps the visitors find exactly what they are in need of.


Sticking on old type flash design

Usage of flash sparingly enhanced a website design from years and it no longer works or some other techniques works much better than that. Source of internet traffic is not anymore conventional desktop computers, website these days is expected to be compatible with thousands of devices and flash finds it difficult to perform smoothly on many of them.  So make use of other techniques like HTML,CSS etc to achieve the same functionality and better compatibility.


Usage of bad color combination in web page design

White text on a black background may look nice from a design perspective but will definitely hurt eyes and many people forget that. Make things readable and always deliver a better user experience and make sure people enjoy reading your content.


Don’t forget to make sure that your website design is Mobile

As we have discussed earlier about how important is having a mobile friendly web design never forget to make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices. It’s the major source of internet traffic these days and we will need to ensure your website is accessible and easy to use from various mobile devices with out any trouble.


And that’s it, always beware of these silly mistakes never happen to your company website.  We at Cedar Solutions ensure our client website goes through many test sessions and user experience evaluations to make sure they don’t lose the market lead and brand value.  And that’s one major reason that makes us one of the leading web development solutions providers of Cochin and Dubai  

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