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15 tips to double your Twitter Engagement

June 9, 2014|Posted in: SEO, Social Media

Main goal of using Twitter is to engage audience, but surveys says that awareness about brand or product misleads the goal. Usually branding or product awareness can be done using other Medias like advertisements and promotions. Even though 25% of top brands use Twitter as a broadcasting medium other than just engaging audience. But the problem is instead of positive awareness people may get mislead and may lose their interest with the brand.

Hey, don’t worry about engaging your audience. We can offer some tips to improve your Twitter engagement!

1.     Understand your audience

Identify your audience first; you can then adjust your posting and addressing style according to your audience. Always use a style which helps others to learn from your content. If anything can be conveyed more easily using graphs, charts or pictures then use them.

2.     Convey your views

While writing a blog or a post the main thing to bear in mind is that always stick on to your opinions and views. Otherwise it would be difficult for your followers to determine what your interests are.

3.     Use numbers and statistics

Always try to use statistical details in your content, which will be easily remembered by your followers. It creates a feeling that you have considerable knowledge in the particular topic.

4.     Use images

Use images with highlighted quotes. Humans process images 60,000 times faster than plain content.

5.     Re share your posts

Once you have posted anything you should re share it in such a frequency that its freshness wouldn’t lose. This will help to maximize your audience reach.

6.     Don’t hesitate to give credit

If you have shared or you have got a motivation from some others then give credit to the deserved person.

7.     Say hello

When you have e new follower, say hello and invite them to your group, make them feel they are also important.

8.     Respond to comments

Respond to comments as far as possible. This will definitely help you to get more followers. Always keep in mind that you don’t need to be argumentative.

9.     Follow people

If you want followers be generous and follow others . But select whom to follow according to your requirement.

10. Tweet at a peak time

Time plays an important role. Tweet at a time when you have maximum listeners.

11. Make your tweets short

Always try to be precise and short otherwise no one would re tweet.

12. Start conversations

Don’t be shy to start a conversation. You can always start conversations with closed or open questions.

13. Be helpful and ask for help

If you really need a suggestion or help ask out. It will create a feeling that you are real.

14. Use Hash tags

Hash tags make your content more discoverable. Its simple, just put a ‘# ‘ in front of a word or phrase. For example #smo tips,#seo tricks.

15. Repeat what works

Last but not least repeat those strategies which have  worked for you.

These techniques will definitely help you.
Share your suggestions and results with us.


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